March – April 2016. The trend – decline in the real estate market continues Lviv

The trend of stable prices creep slightly down. However, the “prestige” apartment prices stable, probably due to their low offer. Buildings falling building mass series, new lower bit rate.

Price per square meter appartment in Lviv Ukraine. March 2017

DistrictValue USD/sq.m.

Dynamics prices of apartment in lviv Ukraine (USD per sq.m.)


How to become an appraiser in Ukraine

Appraisers estimate the cost and value of commercial or residential real estate properties, business, assuring that the appraisal process complies with state regulations.

Appraisers may have a general practice or specialize in either residential or commercial properties, business.

Career Requirements:

  • Degree Level: Associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree
  • Trainin: Teaching, training, exam
  • Licensure and Certification: State certification required

Qualification certificate:

  1. Valuation of objects in material form
  2. Assessment of integral property complexes, shares, securities, property rights and intangible assets, including rights to intellectual property

The main law regulating appraisal activity in Ukraine is the law “On appraisal of property, property rights and professional appraisal activity” from 12.07.2001.