March – April 2016. The trend – decline in the real estate market continues Lviv

The trend of stable prices creep slightly down. However, the “prestige” apartment prices stable, probably due to their low offer. Buildings falling building mass series, new lower bit rate.

Price per square meter appartment in Lviv Ukraine. March 2017

DistrictValue USD/sq.m.

Dynamics prices of apartment in lviv Ukraine (USD per sq.m.)


Apartment price per square meter in Ukraine Lviv

Among countres Ukraine takes 20 place in rating for average per square metre (sq. m.) prices of 120-sq. m. apartments located in the centre of the most important city of each country. (source: global property guide).

Neighboring is a Slovenia, Andorra, Turkey, Malta.

For example average price per square metre (sq. m.) in Monaco €44,522; UK €25,575; Russia €11,866; Italy  €5,930; Ukraine €2,807; Poland €2,482; Estonia €2,373; Romania €1,537; Hungary €1,528.

In Ukraine the most high price have Kiev. Average price per square metre appartment (not premium) USD 1475.

Lviv also among fist place with price USD900.

But if we compare indicators such as gross national income per capita, population city, average annual wages we have model that will permit do forecast. Simple calculation gives result, that average price in Lviv is USD500 -USD800.

So maybe price will decrise.

Four steps how to Negotiate the Price When Buying a House

  1. Determine your walk-away price
  2. Assess your dream house
  3. Make a tough opening offer
  4. Negotiate a lower price


Sales prices are better indicators of true market value than asking prices

Sellers who won’t discuss their asking price in relation to similar homes in the neighbourhood are not serious sellers. They are either in two minds about selling or just want to find out how much they can get for their property.